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December 02 2008

RIP Pownce

July 01 2008

Happy Canada Day to @frozzted @T0FUU @tracker29 @PoopsTech and all your fellow Canuks! Have a Moosehead on me!

June 04 2008

/me hits the sack

May 31 2008

Typical dishonest MS. Installed XP SP3 and some multimedia file associations are magically reverted to Windows Media Player.

May 30 2008

Wtf? Myspace wants to install SQL2000 SP4QFE into IE?

May 13 2008

RIP Adobe GoLive.

May 09 2008

I am cursed and will never get a random bag of crap from woot :(

May 08 2008

<3 Poor Cold Canucks!

April 18 2008

Watching @ustreamtv get sucked up by an (alleged) F5 (photoshop scale) tornado live! http://snurl.com/24txf

April 16 2008

After months of use, Google just yanked IMAP access to my account (and apparently others). Must be restricting it to Pay accounts only?
Firefox 3 nightlies are getting steadily worse since B4. I get the feeling FF3 won't be much better than FF2. I hope I'm wrong.

April 12 2008

eating pudding!

March 25 2008

I sure hope @patrick_wilson has SMS notification of new followers OFF as @leolaporte just twittered he was on! :D

March 20 2008

Happy birthday, Bwana! How's it feel to finally be old enought to drink?? ;p

March 18 2008

RIP Arthur C Clarke :(

August 29 2007


July 16 2007

First IRC post

July 03 2007

Wandering aimlessly on the net tonight. I should be doing useful things instead. Too many distractions!

July 02 2007

heh...Pownce needs to work on the Unicode me thinks!
Awesomeness seen in twitter (tripwire): p?q ?o? ???? s,?? .u?op ?p?sdn ??s o? bu?????s .p????
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